Mango Leather (Mango Coin ‘Bak Kwa’) x 3 Packets


Choose between Original Mango or ManPine (Mango + Pineapple) flavour.

No Meat. Pure Mango Taste. Healthy Alternative Snack.

Buy now at www for only $4.90 for 3 packets. (Usual price $6.90). While stocks last. Delivery fee applies.

Product packed and sent to courier next working day.

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Product Description

This Lunar New Year, try a healthier Bak Kwa alternative. New Mango Gold Coin “Bak Kwa”

Choose between Original Mango or Mango + Pineapple (Manpine) flavour.

Perfect healthy and meatless alternative, suitable for vegans and vegetarians. Buy now at www for only $5.90 for 3 packets. (Usual price $6.90). While stocks last.

Package Contents:

No artificial colour, flavour or sweeteners added. 100% Natural. Made with fresh mangoes and pineapples.

Each packet contains 10 coin slices beautifully laid out on an internal tray inside a sealed easy-tear pouch bag. Net weight 50gms

Delivery fee to your doorstep of $3.50 applies. Free deliveries for orders above S$30

We hope you have enjoyed our products. A big reason why we are doing this is to support our farmers and their family – including ensuring that every children obtains necessary basic education.

Value added products like our dried fruits and puree help to prolong the longevity of farmer’s crop sales. And is a stepping stone to improve their quality for export. Thank you for your strong support.


We have been doing testing and R&D for the past 7 years since year 2013 and spent years and a lot of resources to fully develop this process that is safe and yet able to maximize the taste of the fresh Sein Ta Lone mango and other fruits.

Our factory is HACCP and GMP certified.

Our certified factory is professionally equipped for complete hygiene and safety procedures. Our mangoes are thoroughly sanitised and washed. All our staff are trained and screened and they put on full protective equipment and practice safe distancing.

We are always reminded by our customers that we lead the way with the pride of Myanmar and the heritage of the Sein Ta Lone. We carry it with heavy responsibility and strong pride. And we can only do it with your support.

You can read more about our strict safety standards here