The Sein Ta Lone® Myanmar Mango

It’s got such an amazing fragrance and sweetness you thought was long lost in fruits today

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STL-mango-(png)Four steps to eating a Sein Ta Lone® mango:

1. Pick up mango and put into your mouth
2. Your eyes will start opening wider
3. You will nod head profusely in constant approval
4. Uncontrollably eat another one


That’s what we observe about how marvellous this mango is. Truth is, it is that good. Which is why the newspapers and the radio, your friends, your family and your neighbour from the 5th storey are all talking about it.

The Sein Ta Lone Mango from Myanmar, also known as the diamond solitaire mango, is one of the many mango varieties available in Myanmar. Many have regarded it as the best mango in Myanmar, comparing it with the best mangoes in the world because of its delightful aroma, sweetness, juiciness and non-fibrous nature. Everything you love about mangoes is found in the Sein Ta Lone.

As the season is only 2 months short and will end in June, don’t miss out on your chance to taste the Myanmar Sein Ta Lone mango and fall in love with mangoes again.

Due to overwhelming demand and feedback, we are now providing doorstep delivery of your delicious Sein Ta Lone mango so that there will be no chance you will miss out.

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“What I love about them is that they taste so lush, with a wild, jungle type of sweetness so rare in tropical fruit these days. If you have ever had a bland mango, a lacklustre chiku or a pineapple which tastes of nothing much at all, you will know what I mean.”

Excerpt from Singapore Radio Morning Show
“I have to tell you guys, this is the best mango ever. It smells absolutely divine, they are from the heavens and it’s nothing like the mangoes you’ve ever tasted. So if you do see any of these Burmese mangoes, grab them. Grab them by the bundle!”


Sein Ta Lone Mango Party Basket

Only $65. Was $79 
Sein Ta Lone mango season is for an extremely limited time only!

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Each basket weighs 10 kilograms and contains from 28 to 40 pieces of mango (estimated). We are selling by weight.

Price excludes doorstep delivery of S$10. Free delivery for purchases S$100 and above.

Available in Singapore only.

Specially hand picked, selected premium Sein Ta Lone mangoes wrapped in protective foam and packed in an environmentally friendly recyclable box or well ventilated black basket.

Surprise your friends, family and loved ones with the latest craze in town. Let them have a taste of what the hype of “the best mango I ever had” means.

Or buy a box for your own personal enjoyment and indulge in the freshness and sweetness of the Sein Ta Lone.

Avoid any “out of stock” disappointments. Buy your Sein Ta Lone mangoes now and have it delivered right to your doorstep.

Sein Ta Lone season will END in June and limited stocks are coming to Singapore due to huge global demand. Don’t wait for another year before you try them again!

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Frequently Asked Questions

The price is $65 nett per basket of 10kg mangoes. There is a $10 delivery charge. Free delivery for orders of 2 baskets or more. Each basket will have 28 to 40 pieces of mangoes. Although we are selling by weight, rest assured we will ensure we deliver larger than average size mangoes during that particular season.
We seek for your understanding for the delivery charges because of two main reasons:
Firstly, the weight of each basket is 10kg, which is of substantial weight and therefore requires vehicular transport for safety purposes of the delivery man.
Secondly, because this is foodstuff, safe handling and delivery is required to ensure the mangoes are delivered in good condition to you.
Therefore, great effort is taken to engage external courier services to ensure safe and hygienic handling of the mangoes.
The Sein Ta Lone mango season will end in June. This year, we are expecting huge demand for the mangoes. Therefore, we advice that you order them as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

Follow us on facebook. We will notify once order is opened.
To prevent customers from waiting too long for their orders, we will take orders days before a confirmed shipment arrives (while stocks last). Once the shipment arrives, we will arrange for delivery within 2 days. This is to ensure that customers received the freshest shipment.

Upon your order, you will receive an email immediately with your order receipt.
Next, within 2 working days, you will receive an email (please check your spam folder) of the delivery confirmation.
Your delivery will be made within 3 to 5 working days from time of your order. (Please look out for delivery confirmation email for scheduled delivery date and time!)

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